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​​​Our overview of the Chocolate Boutique Chocolate Workshop where you can make candies, dip treats and have a fondue party! From Fashion Angels. We have done a lot of different chocolate and molding making sets. This one worked great and it lets kids do their own thing without the worries of melting chocolate on a stove or in a microwave. You could also use the chocolate melter like a fondue put, so you can just melt the chocolate and enjoy different kinds of treats.


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Become a Chocolatier with this 200+ piece chocolate workshop. Mold chocolate candies and enjoy chocolate dipped treats! Melt chocolate chips or melting candy in the melting pot, then fill the molds to create a variety of cute candy shapes. You can also dip pretzels, cookies, fruit and more to make delicious dipped treats. Decorate and wrap your chocolates with the enclosed foils, stickers, and gift boxes. Also great for a fondue party!

Includes chocolate melting pot, bowl, mixing spoon, decorating tool, decorating brush, 50+ molds, 25 foil candy wrappers, 50 candy cups, 25 clear candy wrappers, 2 gift boxes, 100+ decorative stickers and instructions.

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0:14 Introduction/Product Overview
1:17 Unboxing
2:10 Parts Inventory & Setup
3:10 Getting Started/Explaining Parts
4:55 Ingredients
6:06 Instructions & Safety Points
7:02 Melting The Chocolate
9:19 Filing Molds
13:01 Completed Molds
13:13 Making More Treats/Dipping Fondue/Decorating
17:15 Decorating The Chocolate Molds
18:31 Final Chocolate Candy Samples
20:34 Wrapping, Decorating and Packaging
24:52 Decorating Packages With Stickers
25:15 Final Taste Tests and Closing Thoughts

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