MunchPak Monthly Surprise Subscription Candy & Snacks Box. This box is filled with candy & snacks from around the world.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It's always fun checking out new snacks from around the world. I feel super "Lucky" that I get to try them. Imagine even though I have tasted 100's of snacks,there are still 100's of snacks I have never tried. I like the assortment of this box and trying items from different countries. I had to Google a HAW and found out it is the raw fruit of the Hawthorne tree.


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0:08 MunchPak Monthly Surprise Subscription Candy & Snacks Box
0:55 Unboxing
2:52 Cream Collon
4:58 Amsterdam! Good Cookies
6:30 Nobel Sour Gummies
8:10 Sabritas
9:48 Cadbury Time Out
11:00 Copmobckoe Biscuits
12:39 Japanese Lemon Gummy Candy
14:01 Mexican Cheetos
15:28 Hi-Chew Mango
16:29 Haw Flakes
18:30 Haribo Creamy Ice
20:36 The Complete Box

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