Finally! I have been wanting to show this collection of 20 full cans of Mtn Dew for over a month! I was looking forward to showing each can & the color of the Mountain Dew for each flavor. It was interesting to see the colors that matched, did not match in flavor. The Spiked flavors were the least reminiscent of Mountain Dew because they had the strongest of flavors with addition of the prickly pear cactus. The White, Green & Black label cans had the strongest flavor compared to the other Mountain Dew flavors.

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20 Cans of Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew
Pitch Black Mtn Dew
Code Red Mtn Dew
Live Wire Mtn Dew
Throwback Mtn Dew
Dark Berry Mtn Dew
White Out Mtn Dew
Super Nova Mtn Dew
Voltage Mtn Dew
Baja Blast Mtn Dew
Spiked Lemonade Mtn Dew
Spiked Lemonade Raspberry Mtn Dew
Sangrita Blast Mtn Dew
Diet Mtn Dew
Citrus Blast Mtn Dew
White Label Mtn Dew
Black Label Mtn Dew
Green Label Mtn Dew
Call Of Duty 2 Mango Mtn Dew
Call Of Duty 2 Cherry Blast Mtn Dew

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