I had to get another video out of my Mtn Dew collection of cans. I felt like it would have been a waste if I dumped it all down the drain. It was just to much to drink and it sat out for a few days from the previous video. The slime powder acted different then it usually does with soda. I wonder if because it was a flat and has no carbonation and why it made nice little gelatinous lumps. It was fun to play with and now I can do a final cleaning on my collection of cans and store them for the next time I make a video.

Find Here ▶ http://bit.ly/Dune-Craft-Gobbledy-Goop

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20 Cans of Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew
Pitch Black Mtn Dew
Code Red Mtn Dew
Live Wire Mtn Dew
Throwback Mtn Dew
Dark Berry Mtn Dew
White Out Mtn Dew
Super Nova Mtn Dew
Voltage Mtn Dew
Baja Blast Mtn Dew
Spiked Lemonade Mtn Dew
Spiked Lemonade Raspberry Mtn Dew
Sangrita Blast Mtn Dew
Diet Mtn Dew
Citrus Blast Mtn Dew
White Label Mtn Dew
Black Label Mtn Dew
Green Label Mtn Dew
Call Of Duty 2 Mango Mtn Dew
Call Of Duty 2 Cherry Blast Mtn Dew

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