Mountain Dew Can Collection - How To Save A Can For Collecting - Here is a nice collection of cans from Mountain Dew. I showed two ways to get the soda out of a can without using the pull tab. One way is to rub along the top edge near the lip and it will pop open! This is just a fun method and I wanted to show it on video and test it for myself. The best way I found to preserve the can and also save the liquid from spraying all over. Just turn the tab slightly, pop a small hole and do the same to the bottom. Once it is almost all gone just use a can of air to push out the liquid.

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Mountain Dew Can Collection - How To Save A Can For Collecting
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Collection of Mountain Dew Cans
1998 Mountain Dew Can
1997 Sport - Snowboard Mountain Dew Can
2009 Mountain Dew Can
1995 Sport - Skiing Mountain Dew Can
2000 Mountain Dew Can
1997 Diet Mountain Dew Can
1995 Mountain Dew Can
1996 Mountain Dew Can
1996 Sport - Skiing Mountain Dew Can
1996 Sport - Ski Mask Mountain Dew Can
1996 Mega Mouth Can
2009 MTN Dew Can
2008 MTN Dew Can
2009 Mountain Dew Throwback
Mountain Dew The Original
2017 MTN Dew Code Red
2017 MTN Dew Voltage
2001 Mountain Dew Can
2009 MIni MTN Dew Can
2013 Small MTN Dew Can
Extreme Mountain Dew Can 16 Oz
MTN Dew 16 Oz Can
Same great DEW, cold activated can "The Dark Night Rises"
2010 .99 Cent MTN Dew Can - 16 Oz
2012 - 20 Oz MTN Dew Can
Dew Tour Can Skateboarder Paul Rodriguez
14 oz Mountain Dew Can - Darlington Race Track
Chill Bottle Mountain Dew

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