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Morph Compound - Morph It, Mold It, Bounce It & Float It! I had fun being one of the first demonstrations on YouTube. I wanted to make sure I covered all of the key factors for checking out a new compound. Here is what I learned from playing with it in the video.

Smell - it did have a smell, similar to Elmer's Glue - probably not as scented as Play-Doh

Texture - Once you play with it for awhile it gets softer and easier to work with. It pulls apart and shapes with standard molds. It also extrudes in a Play-Doh extruder

Water - It floats in water and did not affect the compound in any way. It dried off pretty quick out of the water.

Cleaning - It would not clean up on my vinyl counter-top with Windex, but it did with Soft Scrub.

Fabric, Skin - It did not stick to the towel I had in the video. It did not stick to my skin, but I did feel a residue, dryness to my hands when playing with it.

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