​​​Monster High - Happy Meal! Time to check out the new 2014 McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Set.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Time for our next installment of the McDonalds Happy Meal Toy Series! This is the 8 toy set from Monster High. I know the MH fans out there will really appreciate this set. They are nicely designed and each has a specific purpose, so you can use these toys if you collect Monster High!


▶▶ Skip Times
0:13 Intro/Box Details
1:24 #1 Monster Clutch Toy
2:49 #2 Creepy Clip Toy
3:56 #3 Freaky Fortune Teller
5:39 #4 Electrifying Bracelet
6:34 #5 Chilling Chamber Keeper
9:06 #6 Ghoulfriend's Locket
10:26 #7 Clawsome Magnet Clip Toy
11:44 #8 Spooky Spectacles Toy
12:40 The Complete Set

▶▶ Product Info
2014 Monster High McDonalds Happy Meal Toys
#1 Monster Clutch Toy
#2 Creepy Clip Toy
#3 Freaky Fortune Teller
#4 Electrifying Bracelet
#5 Chilling Chamber Keeper
#6 Ghoulfriend Locket
#7 Clawsome Magnet Clip Toy
#8 Spooky Spectacles Toy

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