It has been awhile since our last mail day! We are always excited going to the mailbox and seeing your letters! It is fun opening and reading them. We have a basic system that lets us keep track of all of the mail we have gotten over the past year. This way we can see who got what items and what we have sent them. Please don't be discouraged if you have never received an item from us. Make sure you include a parental consent or we can't potentially send an item to you.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Lucky Penny Shop Mail Day Video #19

Lucky Penny Shop
119 S Emerson St #113
Mount Prospect, IL 60056

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LPS - Viewer Mail:

Monday Mail Day! Items Shipped Before Christmas, Send Us A Letter!

Monday Mail Day! Letters, Pictures & Shipping Toys!

Monday Mail Day! Tons To Give Away, Send Us A Letter!

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