This is a Little Lady Kingston Products Model #514 Kids Oven. Today I cook a mini breakfast of eggs and biscuits & gravy.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: I hope this starts a new series of mini food cooking! I have some other ovens and really cool mini items to show everyone. Since is this my first video cooking mini food from scratch, I though it went really good. I wish the egg was cooked a little less so I could have had a little yolk. Other then that it tasted really good and I had fun making it.


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0:08 Intro/Oven Details
1:55 Mixing Biscuits & Gravy
3:38 Biscuit Molds
4:20 Biscuits In Oven
4:31 Making The Gravy
11:04 Making Eggs
14:40 Time To Eat!

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1930's Little Lady Kingston Products Model #514 Kids Oven

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