Minecraft Steve with Diamond Armor, Diamond Ore Block, and Diamond Sword

Gear up, with the Diamond Armor Steve Population Action Figure Pack. This pack features a 2.75" articulated Diamond Steve figure in the most durable armor. Figure also comes equipped with a Removable Helmet, Diamond Ore Block, and a Diamond Sword that fits perfectly into his hand.

Minecraft Iron Golem with Block of Iron and Poppy

Protect the Village from Hostile Mobs with the Series #2, Iron Golem action figure pack. This pack features a 3" articulated Iron Golem figure, Block of Iron and a Poppy that fits in his hand- given to Villagers to symbolize friendship.
  • Bundle - Minecraft Diamond Steve and Iron Golem Action Figures, each with accessories
  • Both figures are approximately 3 inches tall and are fully articulated
  • Recommended for ages 6 years and up.
  • Collect all Series 2 Minecraft Action Figures!