Items provided by Rovio for review. Angry Birds Movie Huge Hatchlings Toy Box. The toys are available at Toys R Us and we will be opening them up on future videos. We were so excited to get this box and all of the cool toys inside. I have to say this is one of the most creative product boxes we have ever seen. The doors with hiding Hatchlings was such a cool idea. I hope you got a good idea of the box and all of the cool items.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Angry Birds Movie Huge Hatchlings Toy Box

Angry Birds Hatchlings Blind Bags - Spin Master, Ages 4+
Angry Birds Blue Bird Plush
Angry Birds Squawk-Copter Camera Drone - World Tech Elite, Ages 14+
Angry Birds Pig Island Smashdown Game - Spin Master, Aghes 7+
Angry Birds Heroes Hatchlings Spin Master - Ages 4+

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