​​​Watch our product feature video for the McDonald's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Boys Set.

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[Key points in video]

0:04 Introduction
0:50 #1 Light Up Spider-Man Figure
2:11 #2 Light Up Electro Figure
3:26 #3 Spider-Man Light Up Vehicle
4:09 #4 Trading Card Tin
6:35 #5 Wind Up Spider
7:56 #6 Spidey Spinning Top
9:11 #7 Spider-Man Specs
10:18 #8 Spider-Man Activity Book
14:30 In The Dark - Light Up Toys!
16:00 The McDonald's Spidey Game App
17:25 Puzzle Power App
19:08 Spider Sense Search
21:10 The Complete Collection - Boys & Girls

2014 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Happy Meal Toys Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL27_x9U5H26tFzOdg3n26vNqVZUJGbwIu

McDonald's The Amazing Spider-Man 2014 Happy Meal Toys Set: Boys
#1 Light Up Spider-Man Figure
#2 Light Up Electro Figure
#3 Spider-Man Light Up Vehicle
#4 Trading Card Tin
#5 Wind Up Spider
#6 Spidey Spinning Top
#7 Spider-Man Specs
#8 Spider-Man Activity Book

McDonald's The Amazing Spider-Man 2014 Happy Meal Toys Set: Girls
#1 Spidey Clutch
#2 Watch Ring
#3 Comb and Mirror Set
#4 Be Amazing Journal
#5 Headband and Barrette
#6 Note Card Set
#7 Charm Bracelet
#8 Heart Sticker Tin

McPlay Power Game Apps
Wall Crawling Chaos
Web Slinger Sprint
Electro's Puzzle Power
Spider Sense Search

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