​​​More tasty snacks with our McDonald's Happy Meal Magic set!

[Key points in video]

0:14 Introduction & Tour Maker Set
0:57 Recipes & Instructions
1:45 Ingredients - Recipe #1 (Honey & Crispy Cereal)
2:59 Machine Components
4:10 Honey & Water Mix
5:16 Pressing & Grinding The Cereal
7:54 Pressing & Cutting Out Bread Circles
8:49 Forming The Nuggets
10:13 Pressing & Cutting More Bread Circles
10:28 Top Down Angle View
10:58 Dipping & Breading The Nuggets
11:42 Coating The Nuggets
12:39 Adding Cinnamon Sugar
14:01 Grinding & Coating Nuggets
14:58 Ingredients - Recipe #2 (Dark Meat Nuggets)
15:48 Adding Maple Syrup
17:42 Pressing Shapes Into Wheat Bread
19:42 Dipping, Grinding & Coating
20:50 Recipe #3 - (Chocolate Pudding)
21:55 Cutting Out Shapes
22:42 Dipping, Grinding & Coating
24:31 Recipe #4 (Frosted Corn Flakes & Vanilla Pudding)
26:42 Dipping, Grinding & Coating
28:22 Final Presentation & Taste Test
29:41 Final Thoughts

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Lucky Penny Thoughts:
The Mattel McDonald's Snack Maker from 1993 is a fun set to make all kinds of tasty McNugget treats! I had a blast making all of the different recipes and showing the steps to get to the final taste testing. There were 4 different McNugget recipes in the video, here are the recipes and the ingredients I used:


McNugget Snack Recipe #1
White Bread
Dip into honey mixture (1 tablespoon honey / 1 teaspoon water)
Crispy rice cereal

McNugget Snack Recipe #2
Wonder Bread
Dip into maple syrup
Crispy rice cereal

McNugget Snack Recipe #3
Wonder Bread
Pudding (spread between 2 slices of bread)
Dip into honey mixture
Crispy rice cereal

McNugget Snack Recipe #5
Wonder Bread
Dip into vanilla pudding
Frosted corn flakes

Items in this video:
Wonder Bread
Jello Vanilla Pudding
Jello Chocolate Pudding
White Sugar
Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat Bread
Sue Bee Honey
Sweet Amber Farm Syrup
All But Gluten Free White Bread