​​​The next McDonald's Maker Set is here, it is the Drink Fountain Snack Maker!

Lucky Penny Thoughts: I was really looking forward to re-making this video and explaining the process in more detail. In the first video I only did one recipe. This time I made sure to do more recipes and explain the process better. Besides my one strange color, everything turned out great. Only two more sets left in this series. Then we plan on going to other makers and showing more recipes and updating the videos.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:14 Introduction
2:15 Recipe Booklet
3:48 Assembly/Component Parts
4:38 Recipe #1 - Apple Juice/Kool Aid Cherry Flavor Mix
7:38 Dispensing Drink
9:22 Recipe #2 - Sprite/Orange Juice/Kool Aid
13:34 Dispensing Drink
15:06 Recipe #3 - Orange Juice/Kool Aid/Ice
17:53 Dispensing Drink
19:03 Recipe #4 - Coca Cola/Cherry Kool Aid
21:33 Dispensing Drink
23:10 Final Thoughts

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