Vintage Toy! This is a Mattel 1979 Master Caster Formula I create a car molding set. This worked great and I made 5 different cars.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: I'm always apprehensive about testing an older toy. You just never know if it will work and how well. Once I got my first car set, it was easy to keep he process going. Which car do you think is the best one?


▶▶ Skip Times
0:08 Intro/Box Details
1:34 Unboxing/Parts
2:37 Machine Operation
4:04 Adding Pod/Melting
5:05 Selecting A Car Mold
6:39 More Melting
7:13 Ready To Pour Into Mold
8:58 Adding New Pod
9:29 Removing Car/Drying
10:23 Pouring Another Car (Blue)
11:44 Pouring Another Car (Yellow)
13:27 More Cars!
16:11 Final Thoughts/Review Of Cars

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Mattel 1979 Master Caster Toy Formula 1 Mold Your Own Car Kids Maker Set

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