​​​Cool collection of Marvel Super Heroes Toys! This is the complete McDonald's Happy Meal set from 2010

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Although this does not qualify as a retro toy yet, it is a set we have and a set that we have never made a video of. I really like the different actions on these toys. My favorite was Captain America and his flying shield! I think the Silver Surfer was a simple, but cool toy. Look for the 2000 Beast Machines or the 2009 Nerf video next. Leave a comment on the set you want to see.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:04 Introduction/Toys Overview
1:14 Just For You Mom Package
7:28 #1 Iron Man Toy
10:07 #2 Incredible Hulk Toy
11:30 #3 Spider-Man Toy
12:47 #4 Wolverine Toy
14:22 #5 The Thing Toy
16:28 #6 Human Torch Toy
18:02 #7 Captain America Toy
19:57 #8 Silver Surfer Toy
21:03 The Complete Set
24:36 Vote On The Next Set!

▶▶ Product Info
Marvel Heroes 2010 Happy Meal Set
#1 Iron Man Toy
#2 Incredible Hulk Toy
#3 Spider-Man Toy
#4 Wolverine Toy
#5 The Thing Toy
#6 Human Torch Toy
#7 Captain America Toy
#8 Silver Surfer Toy

1997 McDonalds Mother's Day Gift Bag
Kellog's Razzle Dazzle Rice Krispies
3M Adhesive bandages
Avon Moisture Lift
Ice Breakers
Life Savers
Breath Savers Sugar Free Mint

▶▶ Watch More Videos
Retro McDonald's Toys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ-rNuzD75M&list=PL27_x9U5H26tWLr8O-eSxdaaNlFMLvBe9

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