​​​I get to build a snowman! This is a super fun little kit that lets you build a winter wonderland in a little scene!

Buy Here ▶ http://luckypennyshop.com/dunecraft-mini-make-your-own-snowman-world-science-kit/

Lucky Penny Thoughts: It is always an adventure checking out a new activity set. I never know how long it will take, or how easy or hard it will be. Once I start the video, I know I'm in and have to really learn about it. This was a fun kit and I liked growing the ice blocks, snow balls and making my snowman! Do you want to build a snowman? Let us know in the comments.


▶ Key Points ◀
0:04 Introduction/Product Overview
1:01 Box Opening, Instructions & Parts
2:39 Step 1 - Make Your Snow Base
3:26 Stir Super Snow
5:34 Step 2 - Hydrate Snow Balls & Snow Cubes
6:34 Step 3 - Make Your Snow People
8:49 Step 4 - Accent Your World
10:14 Building Snowman World Base
10:53 Making A Snowman
11:30 Stacking Ice Cubes - Making A Fort!
12:24 Decorating Snowman
13:39 Adding Snow Balls
14:35 Final Thoughts

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