Make your own Bouncy balls - craft kit makes 12 balls(6 kits, each kit makes 2 balls)
  • 6 kits each kit make 2 balls
  • balls are approx 27mm. (1in)
  • Assorted colors
  • Directions for USE: 1. Snap the 2 halves of the Ball Mold Together. Squeeze nice and Tight 2. Snip off the corner of the powder. 1 bag will make 1 bouncy ball. Use 1 bag for one color or use both to swirl or make each half different colors. 3. While Filling make sure you tap the mold on a solid surface to tightly pack the powder in. 4. After the Mold is Filled Carefully place it in a cup of COLD water. 5. Leave in the water for 2 minutes. Once out of the water Let it Sit for another 3 minutes. After 3 minutes Carefully pull apart the mold.