Ooze Time! I wanted to experiment with this kit. When I first read the box it looked very much like the corn starch experiment....

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: We recently made a video of the corn starch experiment, but it has not gone public yet. That is why this looked so familiar. Once I got started I realized I need to experiment more and see what can be added or not to the ooze. The Gazzit was the coolest thing to watch and play with in this entire experiment. If you plan on doing the corn starch experiment at home, then get a tub of Gazz-It from the dollar store! It was fun being able to slime the thing at the end! Thanks for watching.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:04 Intro/Box Overview
1:00 Unboxing/Parts/Instructions
3:20 Mixing Ingredients
7:00 Squeezing The Ooze
11:48 Time to Slime Things!!
16:56 Mixing Gazz It & Ooze
23:04 Glow In The Dark
24:38 Time To Slime "The Thing"
31:00 Final Thoughts

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