Magic Water Balloons

Ever dream of winning that water balloon fight that you had with your brothers or sisters when you were a kid? Well now is the time to seek revenge on them with our 100-balloon water balloon set that you can fill in minutes!

Challenge them to a re-match a re-live your childhood this summer with some good old-fashioned fun...but this time you will be prepared with this set of quick-fill water balloons!

Included with your purchase:

★ 3 bunches of water balloons totaling 100 balloons
★ Instructions on how to fill them without tying
★ 100% Money back guarantee they will work as described
★ 100% Guarantee you will have a great time!

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  • FILL 100 BALLOONS IN UNDER ONE MINUTE ? That's right--forget the days of spending hours tying just 20 balloons for a water balloon fight with your family or friends! ? Be the life of the party with this kit where you can quickly prepare 100 balloons instantly!
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY ? Tell your family or friends you want to have a water balloon fight but keep this a secret and instantly come out with 100 of your own balloon ammunition to win every time!
  • NO KNOT TYING - EASY TO USE ? Perfect for any age (as long as supervised by adults), you can easily make balloons that don't require you to tie a knot at all, simply fill and start using and throwing right away!
  • PERFECT FOR WATER BALLOON GAMES ? Everyone loves having water balloon fights in the summer or nice weather...and we all love to win, what better way than to prepare yourself with 100 balloons in seconds?
  • THREE BUNCHES OF BALLOONS INCLUDED ? 100 balloons in all included for some great fun with family, friends or colleagues at work ? 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ? If your balloons do not work as described, return them for your 100% money-back guarantee!