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Mad Mattr Review: Molding Dough That Flows - Blocks - Shapes - GIANT Giveaway - 6 Colors! It was a great surprise when we got two boxes of Mad Mattr! I love learning about these kind of products and showing them on video. I plan on showing the Mad Mattr in a series of videos. I hope in the next video to show the larger sets and then in the following video do all six colors, where I can mix it cut it and squish it all on camera. I do plan after I finish the Mad Mattr video to gather all of my dough, putty & sands and show them all on one large comparison video.

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Here is the web site page to learn about are giveaways:
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Mad Mattr Building Block - Shapes - GIANT Giveaway - Colors!

The Ultimate Brick Maker Set
Master Builder Mini Extruder Set
Create & Build Fun Pack
The Ultimate Brick Maker
Mad Mattr Pink Mattr
Mad Mattr Green Mattr
Mad Mattr Teal Mattr
Mad Mattr Blue Mattr
Mad Mattr Purple Mattr
Mad Mattr Red Mattr

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