Lundby Småland Doll House final video! It has been a fun process from start to finish on my doll house.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was a fun process to show on video. When I first set up the house, I had no idea how long it would take, or how many videos it would be. As I started adding items to the rooms, it started to really look like a home :) I hope you enjoyed all of the videos and my plan is to keep the house and hopefully come back with more family play time


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Lundby Småland Doll House

1:30 Fireplace, bird & firewood - No 60.3047
3:41 Living room couch & chair No 90.2067
6:27 Dining room table & chairs No 60.2054
8:37 Dining room place setting - No 60.5084
10:47 TV & stand - cat with pillow - No 60.2055
12:04 Fish tank set No 60.5080
13:12 Kitchen Food pots & pans - No 60.5079
15:32 Adding Items To House
24:50 Playtime.....Voices!

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Lundby Småland Doll House:

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