​​​This Schaper London Bridge Falling Down game was a lot of fun to set up! I like learning about vintage games.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It is a lot of fun for me to make these videos and show everyone toys that kids played with in the past. Many of them are still made today or at least were made for many years. London Bridge Falling Down by Schaper had a unique set-up and the game play was fun. Of course the crashing of a bridge and cars plummeting to the ground is not something we would associate with having fun, but kids do not look at things like we do as adults and to them it is the excitement of the crash and the noise that makes the game fun.


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Schaper Toys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtVtM34Xn9I&list=PL822633B51D42A305

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جسر لندن
"Лондон Бридж" "伦敦桥" "pont de Londres" "גשר לונדון" "גשר לונדון" "ponte di Londra" "ロンドン ・ ブリッジ" "런던 브리지" "Londyn most" "ponte de Londres" "Лондонский мост" "Puente de Londres" "สะพานลอนดอน"

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