​​​Time for a new Japanese DIY Kit from Coris! This is a Lollipop candy kit and I get to make little animals

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: We have a few more of these types of kits before we can get back on track with our Kracie DIY Kits. This is a lollipop candy making kit. I found that if I put the lollipop stick in to the candy prior to putting it into the mold, it worked much better.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:11 Intro
0:55 Package Opening/Parts
2:51 Getting Started
3:48 Shaping/Molding Candy
8:21 Lollipop #1
8:54 Lollipop #2
13:21 Lollipop #3
13:40 Final Presentation

▶▶ Product Info
Coris Lollipop Animals Candy DIY Kit

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