Giant Bird! Butch and "Chirpy" get to sing and have fun together! Watch as our Little Live Pet Bird Delicate Dee Comes to life!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Delicate Dee! That is her real name. I guess Butch got to be her friend way before LPS-Dave and to him she is "Chirpy" Watch as Butch and Chirpy have a conversation about LPS-Dave. It was a lot of fun learning about the Little Live Pets from Moose Toys. It was easy to record our own voice and then play it back. Delicate Dee sang all kinds of songs and made a bunch of happy bird calls. What a great little toy for kids.


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Little Live Pets Bird #1 Delicate Dee Single Pack Playset

Little Live Pets are available in Bird or Butterfly! This is the cool pet friend that moves, feels, sounds and acts so REAL!

Your pet bird will listen, talk back to you and make 30 real bird sounds. Take them home and make them your own.

Nurture your butterfly for a healthy and happy pet. Watch as they magically flutter in the palm of your hand.

Everybody will love Moose's NEW Little Live Pets!

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