​​​Watch our product feature video for LiteBrix Bakery Kiosk Super Light Building System.

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[Key points in video]

0:04 Introduction/Product Overview
0:54 Box Opening
2:00 Parts/Inventory
2:25 Step 1 - Battery Pack Assembly
3:50 Step 2
4:17 Step 3
4:30 Step 4
4:50 Step 5
5:25 Step 6
5:52 Step 7
7:06 Step 8
8:04 Step 9
8:20 Step 10
9:03 Step 11
9:30 Step 12
10:07 Step 13
10:40 Step 14
11:29 Step 15
11:46 Step 16
12:17 Step 17
12:37 Putting On The Decals
17:28 Plugging In The Power & Complete Toy
19:02 Watching In The Dark
19:23 Final Thoughts

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