Lite Poppers are unlike any other children's construction toy out there, and kids absolutely fall in love with this unique way to learn and have fun all at the same time. Many have said "Lite Poppers" are as challenging and addicting as the Rubik's Cube." But while a Rubik's Cube can be frustrating and limiting, Lite Poppers provide the chance to build, create, and learn without limitations. Then, the open-ended play pattern puts no limit on what a child's natural curiosity and creativity can imagine. From a simple base, Lite Poppers allows young engineers to use their imagination to build a unique creation, and there are virtually no limits to what they can create with Lite Poppers!.
  • USB fully rechargeable touch sensor LED base
  • 36 Lite popper parts in kit
  • Sticker decal sheet to decorate all models
  • Three collective series trading cards and a downloadable
  • Imagination play value with one character from Popper Ville