Imagine pulling into the gas station and filling up with colorful candy balls! Then filling your tires with cotton candy air!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I like checking out a new candy on video. It was really cool how you turned the pump handle and it dispensed the little candy balls down the spiral case. The candies were really tasty. I kept thinking about American Pickers and all of the gas pumps the show on the TV show. It would be fun pulling up to a gas station and getting candy gas!


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Lion Candy Station Spiral Gas Pump by Candy Novelties

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قوس قزح الحركية الرمال "Лъв бонбони гара спирала газ помпа" "狮子糖果站螺旋气体泵" "Lion Candy stanice spirálu plynu čerpadlo" "Lion slik Station Spiral Gas pumpe" "Pompe à essence Lion Candy Station spirale" "Lion Candy Station Spiral-Zapfsäule" "Λιοντάρι καραμέλα σταθμό σπείρα αντλία αερίου" "אריה תחנת סוכריות ספירלה משאבת דלק" "Leone caramelle stazione pompa di benzina a spirale" "ライオン菓子駅スパイラル ガスポンプ" "사자 캔디 역 나선형 가스 펌프" "Lew Candy stacji spirala gazu pompy" "Bomba de gasolina do leão doces estação espiral" "Лев конфеты станции спираль газовый насос" "León caramelos espiral estación gasolinera" "Aslan şeker istasyonu Spiral benzin pompası" "Sư tử kẹo Station xoắn ốc khí bơm"

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