Lincoln Logs 100th Anniversary brings these new sets with Made In the USA wood block. Fun set to build and easy to take down!

Item provided by K'Nex for demonstration

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It has been awhile since I have worked on a Lincoln Logs Set. We have a bunch more that K'Nex sent us. Have you ever played with Lincoln Logs? Let me know in the comments.


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Lincoln Logs Country Meadow Cottage - K'Nex

0:08 Box introduction
2:13 Taking the pieces out of the box & starting steps 1&2
4:48 Steps 3-6
9:15 Step 7 (adding the roof)
11:31 Steps 8-10 (building the front door section)
14:09 Step 11 (starting decals)
15:54 Adding the decals
18:44 Showing the house
20:02 Bonus stop motion "Get Pappa's Medicine)
21:25 Final thoughts

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