Sands Alive Castle Play Set! I get to learn about Sands Alive and understand its principles and make castles in my play set!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Fantastic! I love getting the chance to learn about a new product. Sands Alive! I had no idea that it worked best after it sat out in the air for a few hours. In the video I check in 15 minute intervals, then 30 and 45 minute check-in points. After that I compare half of the Sands Alive which I set aside in the original plastic bag to the aired out Sands Alive. As you can see, it does change the principles of the sand. You can play with it either way, but the test at least confirms the difference. It works very much like other Sand products and later I will compare them all in one long video.


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Comes with 1.5 pounds of living sands, 4 castle molds and one sand roller. Watch it come to life in you hands. Never dries out use again and again

▶▶ Skips Times
0:04 Introduction/Box Preview
1:46 Unboxing
2:17 Parts
3:18 The Sand
4:05 Molding/Shaping
12:20 New Batch Of Sands
14:46 Comparisons
17:15 Final Thoughts

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