​​​Dippin' Dots Frozen Dots Maker. Watch as I try this maker for the first time! It worked out great and I made a variety of Dippin' Dots.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Any time I try a new maker in a video, it is my first attempt. The Dippin' Dots maker worked great on my first attempt. I ended up keeping the extra mix and made them again later that day. You can use any juice, pop or drink that you like. As long as it will freeze, you can make Dippin' Dots. I hope when you watch the video that you realize these are not real Dippin' Dots because those are made with liquid nitrogen. It is a kids maker after all, and meant for kids to do at home. They loved the ones I made with the maker and it never was on their mind they were not the original Dippin' Dots.


Key points in video:
Unboxing 1:07
Parts Review & Assembly 2:13
Making Banana Split Mix 4:10
Dispensing Banana Split Flavor 5:25
Dispensing Cookies & Cream Flavor 7:22
Dispensing Cotton Candy Flavor 8:05
Dispensing Chocolate Flavor 9:15
Frozen Flavor Trays & Thawing 9:58
Removing Dots From The Trays & Eating Some 10:52
The Final Product Flavor Reviews 14:13

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