Large Megamouth Shark Gummy Kit - Takara Tomy - Shark Dissection! - I saw this maker set on a blog post, but it was the giant squid! That was the one I ordered, but they sent me the shark! After the video I Googled all of the names - here they are from the box - Nautilus Pompilius - Megachasma Pelagios and the Bathynomus Giganteus. I'm still wondering if I double the gummy mix, will it be enough to fill the complete mold without the inner core. It would be worth another test. Maybe I will get the giant squid and make them both some day in the future. For now, I hope you enjoyed this video and learning about this kit.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Large Megamouth Shark Gummy Kit - Takara Tomy - Shark Dissection!

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