DIY set for making ice cream and cake sweets from Japan
  • DIY set for making candy with cream, waffles and cones, with ice cream cone, waffles, cream in 2 flavours and colourful sprinkles, flavour: strawberry & vanilla
  • by Kracie, Import from Japan, edible!
  • Popin' Cookin' is a series of edible DIY candy in funny shapes, that you can easily make yourself by adding water to the ingredients of the package
  • content: 2x bags of powder with different candy ingredients, 1x spoon, 2x ice cream cone, 2x waffles, 1x bag with sprinkles, 1x waffle boat
  • 1x pastry bag with 2 compartments, 1x mold, size of the box: width: 14cm (5.5"), height: 11cm (4.3"), depth: 4.5cm (1.7"), incl. instructions with pictures (see also instruction video below), mold can of course be reused