​​​What a fun kit! this one takes a lot of patience if you want to keep all of the colors within the candy sections.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: it is always an adventure when I start a new candy kit from Kracie. It is like a school project. I have to study the package, then start the process and learn as I go along. Sure, their might be little glitches as I do it, but for my first time making it, I try my best to be as complete and precise as possible. If you want to just eat it right away without all of the work, then that would work also :) That is one of the best parts of these kits, you can create however you want.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:07 Intro/Package Details
1:19 Parts
2:02 Getting Started/Cutting Parts
11:42 Mixing Yellow Powder Packet
13:31 Taste Test
13:50 Mixing Red Packet
15:28 Mixing Blue Packet
17:03 Mixing Colors
28:08 Painting & Decorating Candy Creations
37:15 Final Thoughts/Taste Test

▶▶ Product Info
Kracie Oekaki Kyanland Japanese DIY Popin Cookin Candy Kit

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