I know! This is the worst thing for the channel. A long video... When the main bulk of our watchers used to get daily alerts, I knew I could trust them to click and watch. Now with all of the problems, far fewer, or very few at all are even getting alerts any more. So what happens is people that are just looking for a quick video, start watching and then leave. That hurts the channel A LOT and the only thing I can do is stop making videos the way I do. I never thought YouTube would make changes to hurt channels that do what they do and at one time had a huge daily following.

Enough of the soap box :) I realize now how much time these sets really take to make. Even though the video is an hour I was making it for over 2 hours to get to the end result. You can't rush because you end up making mistakes or not getting the end results people expect from the set. This set if I remember correctly cost over $100 a few years ago. I did a quick search on eBay and see sets for $200 - $300!

I did Google search and realized the aluminum lake can be dangerous if taken internally and then read it was used as a coating on children's pills. It could be why they stopped making these sets! I hope you enjoy the video and I know it is a LONG VIDEO and I hope you can find time to sit and watch the whole thing.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Konapun Pizza Kitchen

Pizza Crust
Pizza kitchen set and pizza makeup magic powder ingredients sodium alginate, potassium sulfate, potassium pyrophosphate, potassium polyphosphate, cellulose powder microcrystalline cellulose, gluconolactone, baking soda, silica particles caramel , Edible red 3 aluminum lake, edible yellow No. 4 aluminum starch plant carbon black, glucose.

Sodium alginate, potassium sulfate, potassium pyrophosphate, potassium polyphosphate, baking soda, cellulose powder caramel, liquid paraffin edible red No. 3 aluminum lake, edible blue No. 1 aluminum lake starch.

Tomato Sauce
Sodium alginate, cellulose powder, caramel, edible red 3 aluminum lake, liquid paraffin dextrose, starch.

Sodium alginate, baking soda, cellulose powder, gluconolactone, silica fine particles of liquid paraffin, edible yellow No. 4 aluminum lake, glucose, starch.

Sodium alginate baking soda, silica particles, edible yellow 4 aluminum shade caramel, liquid paraffin, edible red 3 aluminum lake, starch edible oil (powder).

Potassium lactate, sodium fumarate, edible yellow No. 4 aluminum lake, glucose.

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