Kenners Easy Bake Mix 'N Make Baking Center and Easy Bake oven combo video! I was looking forard to finally getting to the Dora Easy Bake Mix. I almost made it in another video and then thought it would work great in this one. I thought the mixer worked much better then the blender. I did test my second base unit to see if it worked better, but it worked the same. That would indicate the blender part might have not been spinning as good as it should. I did lubricate it prior to the video.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Kenners Easy Bake Mix 'N Make Baking Center - 1996
Dora The Explorer Cinnamon Sticks

0:08 - Checking out the box
1:25 - Looking at the parts
5:21 - Learning about the Dora The Explorer Mix
7:43 - Checking out the oven
9:11 - Making the cinnamon sticks
15:50 - Putting them in the oven
16:14 - Making a second batch of cinnamon sticks
20:40 - Taking them out of the oven
21:23 - Making the Kool-Aid and testing the blender
22:49 - Top view of the blender working - making the ice pops
25:05 - Taking the cinnamon sticks out of the oven
25:45 - Making a double batch of frosting
28:58 - Frosting the cinnamon sticks
30:30 - Checking out the ice pops and tasting the cinnamon sticks
32:35 - Getting the pops out and final thoughts

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