Kellogg's Pop-Tart Maker - PB&J, Cookies & Creme & Pizza Pop Tarts! I just had to make those Pizza Rolls! They were tasty.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: I finally got to this maker set! It worked great and in no time I made three different flavors of Pop Tarts. I thought the pizza flavor was tasty for a savory version. I would possibly try a different dough the next time I decide to make these.


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Kellogg's Pop-Tart maker

0:08 - Introduction
1:07 - Looking over the parts
2:08 - Showing the original Pop Tarts
3:18 - Starting the PB & Jelly Pop Tarts
6:26 - Putting the Pop Tarts together
10:50 - Checking the cooking
11:54 - Taking out the Pop Tarts
13:11 - Starting the chocolate & creme Pop Tarts
19:13 - Checking them cooking
19:27 - Checking and taking them out
20:23 - Making Pizza Pop Tarts
24:59 - Checking the Pizza Pop Tarts
25:55 - Making the toppings
29:23 - Decorating the Pop Tarts
32:47 - Tasting the Pop Tarts & final Thoughts.

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"ケロッグのポップ タルト メーカー" "Pembuat Pop Tart Kellog's" "Pop Tart Maker do Kellog" "Келлог поп торт чайник" "Fabricante de Pop Tart de Kellog" "เครื่องทำป๊อปทาร์ตของ Kellog" "Hãng sản xuất nhạc Pop Tart của Kellog"

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