Kamigami are the build-it-yourself robots that move like real animals! Designed by Berkeley engineers after nature's fastest critters, they magically fold up from a flat sheet & zoom over any terrain. Use the free companion app to drive your Kamigami, play interactive games, or, best of all, design and program your own! The patent-pending, drag-and-drop programming interface make them the perfect entry level STEM toy.

  • Kamigami are DIY, model kit robots that combine origami concepts with robotics engineering
  • Made of ultra-tough, feather light plastic, they're the most durable robot toy you'll ever encounter
  • Kamigami are a perfect DIY project for kids 8+
  • You can drive, dance, race and play games all through the free app, available on IOS or android
  • Bonus for IOS users: Design and create your own kamigami games, and share them with friends