The Creeper (Creepus explodus) is an all-terrain combustible terror of destruction, indigenous to dark caves found deep beneath the Earth's crust, and luxurious neighborhoods with glass houses and nice fancy everything. In this day of endless mining and crafting, we must arm ourselves with the power of knowledge to combat this force of mobile destruction who terrorizes our world. This Premium Anatomy Creeper Vinyl will ensure that you will have a detailed understanding of these hideous creatures to avoid their explosive terror. The premium foil-embossed packaging is perfect for displaying your own Vinyl Creeper specimen with detailed labels of what makes this enemy tick. With multiple pieces you can combine and dissect your Creeper endlessly in order to gain the critical knowledge that all Minecraft adventurers need. After all, that's a lovely collection of everything you have there, it would be a shame if ssSSssSSssomething were to happen to it. Designed and crafted by JINX.
  • AUTHENTIC GEAR - Officially licensed by Minecraft; designed and created by JINX
  • DESSECT & REBUILD - Unlock the secrets of the infamous Creeper; this figure disassembles into multiple parts, giving you a detailed look at a Creeper's complex physiology
  • INTRICATE DESIGN - The Creeper figure is 8 inches tall and can be dissected into seven different parts
  • PREMIUM PACKAGING - Premium foil-embossed box with detailed labels of what makes this enemy tick
  • STAY SAFE - Suitable for ages 7 and up