​​​Jelly Belly Ice Shaver! Watch as I make Watermelon & Very Cherry Shaved Ice with the Portable Jelly Belly Ice Shaver.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: The Jelly Belly Ice Shaver is based off of a professional ice shaver. There is a blade inside the shaver that shaves the ice just enough to make it nice and soft. Although not as good as a professional machine, it still make a nice shaved ice that kids will really enjoy. You can also use your own flavors and mixes based on allergies and what you like. The bonus Jelly Belly Flute Pops were also fun to make. It was equal parts water and Jelly Belly Flavors. You can also make them with Smoothie Mix, Juice or any other drink mix you like.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:14 Intro/Box Overview
1:00 Ice Molds
1:52 Machine/Instructions
4:36 Time To Make Shaved Ice!
5:40 Adding Very Cherry Flavor
7:18 Adding Watermelon Flavor
11:56 Jelly Belly Flute Pops
18:33 Taste Testing Flute Pops
22:14 Final Thoughts

▶▶ Product Info
Easily makes delicious Jelly Belly™ Snow Cones with this Jelly Belly™ Manual Ice Shaver. Helps beat the heat by making cool, tasty treats.

-Fun, fast and easy to use with a manual crank handle.
-Shaver uses ice cubes or molds to help shave ice and includes a drip cup to catch shavings.
-Purchase Snow Cone Cups & Straws (sold separately) to place shavings in and enjoy.
-Great for use with Jelly Belly™ Syrups (not included) for flavor or combine with yogurt or juices for healthy treats.

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