​​​Jelly Belly Ice Shaver! We tried the manual shaver, now it is time to try the motorized version! It works great.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It was fun being able to show this ice shaver to you in a video. I also got to try 4 flavors! It worked really good. Just remember to temper your ice by leaving it out for about 10 minutes before you start shaving the ice. I was able to get two good snow cones with one block of ice. If you are planning on serving these at a party, make sure you have plenty of ice blocks.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:09 Intro/Box Overview
1:01 Parts & Unit Operation
2:55 Making Shaved Ice!
5:54 Adding Color Flavoring
7:27 Adding Ice Block/Shaving More Ice
11:20 Adding More Coloring
11:50 Taste Test Time!
15:42 Final Thoughts

▶▶ Product Info
Jelly Belly™ Single Ice Shaver
Create flavorful icy treats with this ice shaver, which uses 60-watts of power to create course and fine texture ice shavings. The cone holder is removable for easy cleaning.

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