Wow! It was nice of them to send us this awesome box loaded with Japanese snacks. Watch as I open and try each one on video.

Item provided by Japanese Freedom Market for review

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was a fun box top check out on video. There was a nice mix of snacks and even a Kracie Kit! I feel very luck that companies want to send us products so that I can check them out on video. I thought all of theses snacks were pretty tasty.


▶▶ Product Info/Skip Times
0:08 Freedom Japanese Market
1:23 Origami Of The month - Mushroom Basket
2:58 Meiji Chocolate Morsel
4:15 Country Ma'am Cookies
4:59 Saba-Meshi
6:10 Marble Gum Doraemon
6:58 Oreo Chocolate Bar
7:37 Premium Umaibo
8:26 Kracie Meri Kyun Land
8:38 Mini Kit-Kat
9:26 Fettuccine Gummy Candy
10:21 Pipe Choco
10:58 Minivita C
11:46 Suppai Muchu
12:55 Information Sheet
13:43 Final Thoughts

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