The December Freedom Japanese Market Surprise Box! Loaded with great treats and even a Kracie kit.

Item provided by Japanese Freedom Market for review

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I have to say this was a super tasty group of snacks. I thought the Jaga Shio Butter potato chips were one of the best tasting snacks I have ever had! I hope to do the Kracie kit soon in a video. Did you like this box of snacks?


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1:05 Hello Kitty Chocolate
3:05 Ume Pachi, Pickled Plums - Meisan
4:47 Pure Gummy - Kanro
6:03 Tirol Chocolate
7:10 Christmas Umaka
8:20 Winter Poky - Glico
9:44 Jaga Shio Butter - Toho
10:57 Christmas Umaibo
12:07 Secret Neru Neru DIY
13:16 Lifegaurd
14:28 Styling Pop - Porcinini & Cream Cheese Popcorn - Frito Lay
16:16 Hello Kitty Lollipop - Sanrio
17:06 Monster Stamp
18:24 Butamen

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