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Japan Crate Premium Monthly Subscription box for October! There were Halloween items in this box. This was the video I made with the temporary tattoo which shows up in earlier videos :) I like checking out new boxes and this one had a bunch of fun and tasty candy and snacks from Japan

Lucky Penny Thoughts: When they asked if we would check out their box, I thought it would be something fun and different. I like the different candy and snacks to try on video.


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Lovely Halloween Pocky
Potato Chips Shio Flavor
nama Cream Pie
Nyusankin Ikitemasui Yogurt Candy
Surprise Horror Gum
Oshaberi Wan Ko
Nikuidaizu Pepper Jerky Flavor
Karu Stasuma Murasaki Im Flavor
Nericcho Soft Cider DIY Kit
Zombie Maker Gum
Midori Aoi Beh Gum
Mini Funwari Choco mo Naka (Not in box)
Go-En Ga Aru Yo
Sangaria Tsubumi Orange Drink
Poteko Umashi Flavor
Bonus Item! Hoppe Chan

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