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Japan Crate October Halloween Monthly Subscription Candy & Snack Box - I got this box in September and did not want to hold it in the queue! I thought it was a lot of tasty and interesting treat for Halloween. There were three items I did not find tasty. I have given the seaweed snacks plenty of tastes and I still can't find a way to enjoy them. I will say it is fun trying them and the taste is not bad, just not a flavor that I really enjoy.

I listed all of the snacks lower in the description to keep track of what I tasted. If your a fan of unique and tasty treats with a chance to try other unique items, then this might a box that interests you.

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Japan Crate October Halloween Monthly Subscription Candy & Snack Box

Halloween Shimi Chjoco Corn
Halloween Ponsuke
Halloween Umaibu Corn Potage
Pumpkin Lollipops
Hi-Chew Assorted Halloween Candy
Pure Gummy Assorted Halloween
Halloween Bonchiage
Maple Butterbeer Ramune Candy - Harry Potter
Enjoy Halloween Koala's March
Okashi Mizuame DIY Kit
Monster Stamp Cider
Black Thunder Halloween Bar
Chupa Chups Exotic Tropic Flavor Lollipop
Kit Kat Mini - Caramel Pudding
Lipton Creme Brulee Milk Tea

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