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Japan Crate Premium Monthly Subscription box for November. The boxes keep coming! Every month I get to open all of these tasty Japanese Snacks. It is a lot of fun. I found three items that I will show you on another video. I thought all of the snacks this month were tasty!


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Japanese Surprise Subscription Crate Opening
Umai Sugar Rusk
Saku Saku Panda Cookies Pack
Chew-ing Straw Gren apple Flavor
Brazilian Orange Pocky
House Tongari Cone Assari Shio Flavor
Fruit Sour Gummy
Big Thunder III
Waku Waku Zoo Animal DIY
Funwashi Choco Monaku
Ramune Roulette
Ginpis Shima Choco Cone
Coris Sonomanma Grape Fuzen Gum
Men's Pocky
Chobo Chobo Cookie
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