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Japan Crate August Monthly Subscription Box - Tasty Candy & Snacks! I was looking forward to getting back to a few monthly subscription boxes. I enjoy trying different snacks, opening them and showing them to you on video. I thought this snack box was filled with tasty items. I ended up eating more of these snacks later and I always share these snack boxes with the rest of the family. Alyse ended up eating the Bonchi snacks and the Biroon Pop!

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Japan Crate August Monthly Subscription Box - Tasty Candy & Snacks!

7 Stick Milk Cream
Fue Ramune + Bonus Toy Box
Grape Gummies
Puchi Puchi Uranai Chocolate Strawberry
Mike Popcorn Noodle Broth Base Flavor
Biroroon Pop
Chip Star Seaweed Salt
Hi-Chew Shizuoka Crown Melon
Tiny Bakauke Seaweed
Super Mario Mega Gummies
Blueberry & Strawberry Nodo Ame
Tsunaage Arare French Dressing
Kawarimi Gyogyo Gum
Fanta Kiwi + E
Bonus One Piece Pen

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