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January Japan Crate Attack On Titan - What's In The Box? - This box is based off of the Attack on Titan Comics series. Since the comic is for older kids, I opted to keep it out of the video. My focus of course is on the food & candy! This box had a lot of snacks that I have never tried before and I was happy to be able to learn about the packaging and the candy or snack that I tasted on video. Remember to always eat candy and snacks in moderation!

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Items found in this subscription box

Potato Chips Salt And Hokkaido Konbu
Cabbage Taro
Konntaku Jelly Stick
Henshini Transform Glasses
Bottle Sour Candy
Odangoyasan DIY Kit
Uma Salt Potato Chips
Onigiri Senbei
Big Bar Z Milk
Maken Gummy Cola
Lemon Flavor Pocky Colorful Shower
Black Thunder Kinako
Gabunomi White Cola
Chocolate Banana

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