This is a collection of older Ja-Ru Novelty Toys from the 1980's. Here is one of the bin/boxes I wanted to show on video.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: I know I said 3 :) but I ended up showing 4 different toys from this cool collection of novelty toys. I thought the learn to Take A Part A Shaver was a funny kids toy! Which was your favorite and which of the ones I did not open today did you want to see.


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Ja-Ru Novelty Toys Lot from the 1980's
My Wind Up Egg People Ja-Ru No 1574
Play To Learn Take-A-Part A Shaver Ja-Ru No 1405 - 1985
Delta Force Survival Set Ja-Ru No 1284
Play To Learn Tool Set Ja-Ru No 1421 - 1988

Not Opened
I Wanna Be A Doctor Ja-Ru No 1643 - 1986
I Wanna Birthday Party Ja-Ru No 1647 - 1986
Today's Toys Super Glider Ja-Ru No 1975 - 1988
Water Stealth Plane Ja-Ru No 890 - 1988
Jr Pro Battery Operated Racing Boats Ja-Ru No 1970 - 1986
Val-U-Bag The G.I.'s America's best Plastic Army Soldiers Ja-Ru No 1667 - 1988
All Star Jump Rope Ja-Ru No 954
All Star Yo-Yo Ja-Ru No 966
Jr Pro Battery Operated Racing Boats Ja-Ru No 1970 - 1986

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