I decided to include the first part of the original video to add it to the updated video. This is so close to being finished, but without another See 'N Say, I can't glue it back together. I did get it to work again and I did get it to say many of the letters, but without a working complete and original example I can't do the final set-up

What I did show in this video is how I drilled out the holes and added a thin wood dowel rod to support each of the broken posts. Those are working great. I did add the belt, but not the process of installing it, it took about 10 minutes to figure that out. It was not easy to do with all of the other parts. If and when I ever show this again, I will explain the process. This is not a project for someone that is not mechanically inclined or does not like to use tools.

It was sure an exciting moment when I pulled the string and heard it talk again, and now I know how it all works.

The band is approximately 1.6mm" thick and a 2 1/2' diameter

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1965 The Bee Says See 'N Say

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