Here it is, the next Happy Meal Toy for 2018! Incredibles 2. Just a note that the toys prior to this set did not show what toy was next on the Happy Meal Box. This set also did not show the next toy and did not include the round disc that has been in every toy set for the past year or so. I thought it would be interesting to note that here in the description. The next toy line is going to be Mario!

YouTube is really going into a direction that you can see if you study the trending and seeing recommended videos. In trending you get a lot of the $5 vs $500 food videos. Other food videos for street food and then we are getting a lot of news and top channels that do crazy things - "I bought my mom a car" etc.. My recommended videos are content related to nothing that I watch - a lot of sports videos, music videos and items I just do not watch.

This is making it harder to find my place on YouTube. It is not like it used to be and I'm not sure our channel works on YouTube anymore. Sad for sure, because I like making videos and showing products to the world.

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